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Health Analyst
Duration : 3 years study
Title : Health Department certified
BAN-PT National Accreditation: : Accredited A ; I ; HK.

To shape students to be capable in the field of health analysis, whether they pursue a career in the service side of the industry or in a related discipline such as the manufacturing of health analyst equipments.

Competencies Achieved

  • Able to perform medical laboratory analytical tests and give a data analysis on the result
  • Able to handle and store materials and laboratory reagents.
  • Able to use and maintain laboratory equipments.
  • Able to give information and educate the community on health
  • Able to perform blood transfusion

Career Options

  • Laboratory technician
  • Health Analysis
  • Health Researchers
  • Teachers Health Analyst at Education Agency
  • Laboratory staff at the hospital, health center, clinic or lab. independent
  • Civil servants / Private employee


  • Hematology Laboratory
  • Clinical Chemistry
  • Laboratory
  • Parasitology Laboratory
  • Serology Laboratory
  • Kimia Amami Laboratory
  • Bacteriology Laboratory