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Dental Nurse



3 years study



Health Department certified

BAN-PT National Accreditation:
Accredited A  I  HK.

To prepare students to become skilled workers, who are competent in assisting dentists in providing dental care to patients.

Competencies Achieved

  • Understand basic body physiological anatomy.
  • Understand the aspects of physiological and biochemical anatomy of the mouth.
  • Understand the basic dental needs of the community and the health ascpects related to it
  • Understanding the management necessary in maintaining the teeth.
  • Applying dental nursing practices, such as the preparation of filling materials and sterilization of equipments for dentist.
  • Implement epidemiological surveillance of dental and oral diseases in the community.

Career Options

  • Dentist assistant
  • Dental nurse
  • Staff Hospitals / health
  • Staff Dental Clinic / Poly Teeth
  • Dental Laboratory Staff
  • Civil servants / Private employee


  • RSGM IIK (IIK Dental and Oral Hospital)
  • Clinical Laboratory
  • Preclinical laboratory
  • Language Laboratory
  • Chemical Laboratory
  • Biology Laboratory