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3 years study

Permit Department of Education:
No. 421.5/0511/419.42/2013
Mayor SK Kediri:

Playing a role in the healthcare industry in attempts of curing patients, using the expertise learnt at SMK Kesehatan Bhakti Wiyata.

Competencies Achieved

  • Understanding common diseases and improve community health and primary health care
  • Understanding drug function, administration and  methods of delivery
  • Understanding the principle of human body along with its functions and development through the stages of life
  • Potraying proffesional attitude in nurse service
  • Carry out duties in accordance with the code of ethics of nursing and the rule of law

Career Options

  • Assistant Nurse at the Hospital
  • Assistant Nurse at the Health Center
  • Assistant Nurse at Health Clinic
  • Assistant Nurse Employees in Private Companies / SOE
  • Nurse Education Agencies UKS in Elementary / Junior High
  • Civil Servants / Private Employee


  • Clinical Laboratory
  • Preclinical laboratory
  • Language Laboratory
  • Chemical Laboratory
  • Biology Laboratory
  • Mini Hospital